Lesbiru.com main projects

Russian Lesbian Media Network, our main projects:

I. Lesbiru.Com network online media:

Lesbiru.com | Web-magazine for Russian lesbians

Lesbiru.com, our main website

Lesbiru.com | Web-magazine for Russian-speaking lesbians

Start from 2002 (“History”), re-start in 2011.

The first comprehensive national service for Russian-speaking lesbians, launched in August, 2001. It offers sharp graphics, original content and smart articles. The most special thing about it is that this site is created by lesbians on a strictly voluntary basis.

In contrast to other sites LESBIRU.COM, is geared to the social and leisure interest of a vast community of lesbians, it has no “adult” content and offers relevant issues including indepth, timely news (both Russian and international), events, personals, culture (music, cinema, literature, photography, life-style), society, health, family, money and careers, coming out, entertainment, message boards, humor, etc.

LESBIRU.COM was totally relaunched in 2011, use the new technical platform, have many social media channels. Now LESBIRU.COM is the wide media network, includes services and websites for LGBT (for lesbians mainly).

Starting July 2013 Lesbiru.com funded by readers crowdfunding.

LESBIRU.COM helps to find useful information for lesbians, raise their self-esteem and self-consciousness, unite them and give advice on general and specific problems arising in their lives, families and work. For people interested in the topic, LESBIRU.COM, will make many things clear, help in understanding, decrease intolerance, and, consequently, aggression towards lesbians in the society.


Out-Traveler.ru | Web-magazine about LGBT-travelling around the world

Out-Traveler.ru | LGBT-travelling

Out-Traveler.ru | Web-magazine about LGBT-travelling around the world

Start from 2012. IGLTA member.

Russian one and only website about LGBT-travelling Out-Traveler.ru. This is a new project, which was launched in 2012 from another big lesbian media – Lesbiru.Com, Russian nationwide electronic magazine for lesbians with more than 12-year history.

Specific themes to cover:

  • LGBT legislation changes in different countries/states, gay-friendly list updates, dangerous places for gays. Trends and “Best of the best” in gay-tourism.
  • Review articles about beach holidays, cruises, excursions, honeymoons, health care, travel for families with children.
  • Electronic travel guides for countries and cities: summary, sights and facilities, LGBT events, gay prides, clubs, hotels, restaurants & café and many more. With many illustrations and helpful links.
  • Big photo/video reports from annual gay prides worldwide.
  • Safety tips, tips for traveling, insurance, tickets and much more.
  • Market research and analytics.
  • Criticism. Personal experience reports.


LGBT.pro | News feed lgbt.pro


LGBT.pro | News feed

Start from 2014.

Was created as Lesbiru.com CEO` ironic blog. adapted for viewing on mobile gadgets, originally started in social networks.
Specific themes to cover:

  • Translation of foreign LGBT news, thats not suit for other projects (Lesbiru.com, Out-Traveler.ru, Friendly.ru).
  • Hand-selected LGBT news and publications from Russian websites.
  • Commentary and notes from Lesbiru.com CEO.



Start from March 2015.

LGBT-friendly job vacancies & employers all around world. Vacancies in LGBT companies. International.

LGBT-friendly job vacancies


Friendly.ru | Online dating for women only

Friendly.ru | Online dating for women only

Friendly.ru | Online dating for women only

Start from 2002 (“History”), re-start in 2013.

3.0 Ver. of our Lesbian dating website. No analogues in Russia.
Main features:

  • Own server, autonomous database.
  • Bilingual interface (English, Russian).
  • For women only (gay women mostly).
  • For registered users only. Profiles content are closed from the outside views and indexing by search engines.
  • No erotic content. No offensive content.
  • Moderation 24/7.


Sophia Parnok | Russian lesbian poet

Sophia Parnok

Sophia Parnok | Russian lesbian poet

Start from 2012.
Sophia Parnok, great Russian lesbian poet and translator of XIX-XX century, friend of Marina Tsvetaeva.


kd lang  | Canadian lesbian singer, Russian website

Start from 2002, re-start in 2013.
Specific themes to cover: news, interview, publications, music video.

kd lang  | Canadian singer, Russian website

kd lang

Lit.lesbiru.com | News, critics and reviews of literary works on queer theme


Lit.lesbiru.com | News, critics and reviews of literary works on queer theme.

Start from 2001, re-start in 2015.
The first Russian LGBT literary portal accumulating and criticize contemporary writings unrecognized geniuses who gave the idea of creating Proza.ru and other websites.

Lesbian discussion boards, private discussion club

Start from 2001.

Lesbian discussion boards

Lesbian discussion boards

VolgaVolga | Chat discussion private club

Start from 1997.

We are in social media:

LGBT discussions Live – Facebook group
LGBT Friendly Job Vacancies – Facebook group
Feminism in stories and pictures – Facebook group
LGBT travel – Facebook group
“One my gay-day” – LiveJournal account
“Stone femme” – LiveJournal account
Lesbiru.Com Facebook page
Youtube channel
LGBT.pro Twitter
Lesbiru.Com, Out-Traveler.ru. vKontakte group

II. Old (frozen now) Lesbiru.com projects:

VolgaVolga personal website Url
Start from 1997. After 2004 transfer to Lesbiru.com.
What it all began. First in Russia lesbian website, created by Volga on FortuneCity hosting. Contained short storyes, poetry and other modern literarature, including Volga`s own storyes and interiew with lesbian persons. And also links to interactive elements for community meeting and comversation (chat, BBS, meeting places).
As the Internet and the PCs in Russia was not easily accessible, the website was used by a limited number of advanced Russian-speaking users of the largest cities in Russia and abroad.
After years move to Gay.ru as Lesbi.ru domaine, after moved to our own Lesbiru.com media.

Teen.Lesbiru.Com. Website for queer-teens and their parents. teen.lesbiru.com
Start from 2003.
The first place, were the Russian teens and their parents have to find objective information about homosexuality, translations of publications in foreign media on this topic (due to the lack of publications in Russian), which provides counseling on the subject. Its main goal – to make it clear that something with which faced by adolescents and their parents, this is normal, not a pathology, can live with it, you can be happy.

Teen.Lesbiru.Com. Website for queer-teens and their parents

Teen.Lesbiru.Com. Website for queer-teens and their parents

FTM Russian Transgender. ftm.lesbiru.com
Start from 2002.
The first place, explaining in detail to the Russian lesbians, why lesbians are not “unfinished man.” And who are transsexuals who wish to truly become men, how they differ from masculine lesbians, and what it takes to change sex. At the time, gave impetus to the development of other transsexual online resources. And (we are particularly proud of) gave rise lesbians to be in agreement with his own body, take it and feel the harmony and not to dream in spite of its nature “become” the man.

FTM Russian Transgender

FTM Russian Transgender

Drag King Magazine | Travesty online magazine drag.lesbiru.com
Start from 2002.
Men in women’s clothes is a popular in the gay clubs subcultural phenomenon. Very simply put on a dress, wig, lipstick – and now you are a travesty. Reincarnated as a man of a woman – much more difficult.

Drag King Magazine | Travesty online magazine

Drag King Magazine | Travesty online magazine

Frida and her “Policya Nravov” pop-music official website frida.ru
Start from 2001.
Frida – a talented artist and a wonderful person, which was able to work a couple of years. The woman, who we still sincerely admire. In 2005, the project is transferred to the management of the singer.

Frida and her "Policya Nravov" pop-music official website


III. Offline Lesbiru.Com projects:

*La Femme* cafe & club & cultural center Url
For several years we have organising weekly lesbian parties in various clubs of Moscow (“Three Monkeys,” “Day and Night”). Revenue for the tickets used to support the development of our projects.
After this expirience we start to make our own place – Cultural center for lesbian *La Femme* in the center of Moscow (Mayakovskaya subway station). Unfortunately, this cafe & club & culture center was short-lived. We pay high rent for this estate, and our business partners, because of our inexperience, seen for the quick financial gain, while, as we wanted to create a truly cultural center, prestigious and self-supporting. With the proceeds from the project money we planned to publish a magazine, but in the end were happy to just get rid of the partners, fixing losses.

Обложка журнала VolgaVolga, 2004VolgaVolga glossy magazine 
The first and currently the only glossy magazine for lesbians with news, articles, reviews, photos. The magazine was published for the personal money of the owners Lesbiru.Com, came out a few numbers. Compared with the gay-magazines in Russia, it was a new quality standard as the content and printing. On the creation of the “VolgaVolga” worked best professionals. The pilot issue was published with a CD-disc special edition with Frida design and specially recorded her song “I`ll survive”.
But advertisers refuse to place the ad, distribution networks did not want to sell this – everyone scared. This is Russia! We can sell our magazine only hand-by-hand during our club party, and via post orders.
Publish a few runs, we were not able to engage in such charity. Magazine ahead of his time.

Lesbian authors photo exibition Url
Photo exhibition dedicated to the lesbian lifestyle in the Russian capital. Exhibition was prepared, but the place in last moment cancel agreement. The other showrooms announced a huge price for the rental, that kind of money we did not have.
Part of the photos was exhibited at the cultural center *La Femme*.

Queer woman song festival in MoscowQueer woman song festival in Moscow. II festival report
The annual music festival in Moscow, who collected two dozen performers and musical groups from all over Russia. Publishes the newspaper of the festival and the official CD-collection with songs by participants.
The first officially released a collection of songs (CD-ROM) was distributed at the festival and as a bonus for the second issue of the glossy magazine “VolgaVolga”.

“Love you, baby” – kids hospital charity
Our first offline Moscow lesbian community activity. Christmas charity action for baby hospital (specialization of cerebral palsy).
The money and helpfull things donated gays and lesbians.
We do not tell about our sexual orientation to doctors and nurses, because of feared that the head of hospital may reject our help. But, thank God, nobody asks us )) We were asked to make us a list of needs, and bought diapers, care products, toys. The hospital was very poor and needed just basic care products! There were a lot of abandoned babies. Seeing all this was hard.
As a result of this activity action, we realized that together we can do great things. We have power to organise and do something. Great to do something together. But also understand that, unfortunately, no charity will not change the government’s attitude towards LGBT until we will not fight for these changes. Therefore, we focused on the LGBT projects.

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